Passengers Rights

Because of the significant increase in air transport since the 90´s, the European Union has been working in order to guarantee passenger basic rights, by developing regulations that must be applied in every European Union Country, in February 2005 regulation CE N261/2004, in which compensation and assistance common rules in some situations are established, applicable to passengers when flying to or from any airport in the European Union or when flying with any European Airline. Among other, some of the rights are:

  • Right to information.
  • Right to refund or journey modification if the flight is cancelled or boarding is denied.
  • Right to refund if the flight is delayede for more than five hours.
  • Right to assistence and, in determined circumstances, right to compensation if the flight is cancelled, long delayed or denied boarding.
  • Right to complain and have access to compensations.
  • Right to travel in the same conditions of other passengers if disabled or reduce mobility.