Operations Base

Pontair Limited has a Base Operation at Gran Canaria International Airport, where aerotaxi and cargo services are operated, using the modern Diamond DA-42.

PontAir Limited Our privileged location at Gran Canaria International Airport allows us to offer our services with a relatively short response time, depending on origination and destination, attending our clients anywhere in Canary Islands, Morocco, Madeira, Mauritania, Senegal and Cabo Verde, among others.

At our Operations Office At our Operations Office in Malta we analyze and program you flight, itinerary, possible alterative destinations, meteorology, itinerary information and everything concerning flight safety, in order to allways guarantee the highest comfort and quality, being also able to arrange other services you need, such as hotel or restaurant booking, car rental etc, all managed by our excellent team.


Our Operation Office in Malta is equipped with:

  • Technical means to keep track in real time of every flight
  • Updated maps and navigation charts of all of our destinations
  • Updated AIS information
  • Update meteorological information

Pontair Limited offers clients with their own aircraft the possibility of operating it in our company, having the option of commercializing it from any airport if they wish to offering whatever support is needed